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Liquid Sun's CEO Samuel Thesleff on fossil-free future: Green energy made from water and thin air

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

A future fueled by fossil-free energy holds the key to building a better future for our planet. We’re committed to fighting against climate change by harnessing our innovative technology to replace fossil fuels with hydrocarbons created only from CO₂ and water.

The consequences of climate change are being recognized worldwide, with rising temperatures, extreme weather conditions, sea-level rise and ecological disruptions amongst many others. Fossil fuels have been the backbone of our energy system for decades. However, their extraction, production and consumption contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions, primarily carbon dioxide – a major driver of climate change. It poses a significant threat to the future of energy production and most importantly, to our globe.

It’s time for a change

By reducing our reliance on non-renewable resources, we can significantly mitigate the negative impacts. Harnessing technology to develop sustainable and renewable solutions holds immense potential in shaping a better future. Sustainable innovations help not only because they reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also decrease our critical reliance on fossil fuels, at the same time creating economic possibilities on a sustainable ground. We took on the challenge and began to create an alternative to fossil fuels that uses only renewable energy to turn carbon dioxide and water into clean fuels. Unlike conventional methods that solely focus on producing fuel, our technology goes a step further: it creates fossil-free hydrocarbons that can be utilized in the process of multiple synthetic products and chemicals. It re-engineers one the oldest energy sources in the world to create a pure source of liquid hydrocarbons ready for industrial applications.

From an idea to a business plan

It's been a long journey from an idea to execution, let alone forming a sustainable business model with financial potential. Behind every great project, there is a team of amazing individuals – and our team is no exception. We represent varied professional backgrounds but are driven with the same vision: a fossil-free future is something we all must commit ourselves to solving today and tomorrow.

Committing to a fossil-free future is not just about mitigating climate change – it also opens new opportunities for sustainable economic growth. Going from a research project to a profitable business venture has its own difficulties and requires a lot of resources. At this point, we’re focused on bringing together all the elements needed to develop a scalable product. A good product is a start, but in addition it needs branding, strategy, core values, partnerships, and of course, clients. We have the expertise, passion, and unwavering belief in our technology to make it happen. We started our company just last year in November but are eagerly looking forward to sharing and celebrating our milestones along the way. As we continue to improve our technology, build partnerships, and create a prototype of a scalable solution, our commitment to innovation and sustainability motivates us to keep moving forward on this transformative journey.

Creating a better future is not a matter of choice: we urgently need to take action to fight global warming and the first step from our point of view is the depletion of fossil fuels.

Samuel Thesleff, CEO, Liquid Sun Ltd



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