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A new breed of green tech that converts

CO₂ into
fossil‑free fuels

The Carbon Recoding company®

We are a carbon recoding company converting CO₂ emissions into e-fuels to combat climate change and replace fossil fuels.

Harnessing science to make e‑fuels accessible

Price‑competitive e‑fuels to unlock the green transition

Fossil fuels are a primary energy source and are used as raw materials everywhere in our daily lives, from transportation to clothing to pharmaceuticals.


Undoubtedly, CO₂ emissions from fossils are a primary driver of climate change. To accelerate the transition to a greener world, we need more cost-effective carbon-neutral alternatives that replace fossil fuels. 


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Recoding CO₂ into valuable feedstocks

Our solution is based on low temperature electrolysis (LTE) technology that transforms CO₂ and water into valuable e-fuel feedstocks. The process is powered by renewable electricity.


LTE is a scalable and low pressure technology with high product selectivity and flexibility. The end-products are feedstocks (CO₂Re:coded®) to produce various e-fuels and e-chemicals.


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A green solution for aviation fuels

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) blended with jet fuels is a key component in tackling  CO₂ emissions in the aviation industry. Liquid Sun CO₂Re:coded® feedstock offers a solution for SAF production to meet the increasing market demand and blending mandates. 


This feedstock can also be sustainably applied to polymers that are present in almost every product of our daily lives.


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The team behind the Solution 

The Liquid Sun team possesses a diverse set of expertise for a shared purpose: to mitigate the effects of climate change through scientific excellence. 


Together, with like-minded global partners, our mission is to create fossil-free fuels and chemicals without compromising economic efficiency. 


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We are partnering with investors, industry experts, talents, and brands who share our ambition and values.

If you want to join our journey to replace fossils with a sustainable and economically viable alternative, let’s be in contact. 

For inquiries and cooperation, please contact Pasi Keinänen (CEO),, +358 40 4404355

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